Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Promotion

What do I receive for making a qualifying purchase?

If you make a qualifying purchase of $25 in participating P&G products in one transaction, you will receive a beauty bag with P&G samples by mail.

How long does this program run?

Promotion dates vary by retailer.

I have a question about submitting my receipt. Who can I contact?

You can call 855-317-4194 or email

What retailers are running this offer?

You can call 855-317-4194, email, or visit to find participating retailers in this program.

How will I receive my offer?

Offers will be sent by mail to qualifying shoppers.

How can I learn about the promotion?

You can learn about the promotion via in-store signage, ads, Catalina receipts, blogger posts, QR codes, etc.

Where can I find more details about this program?

To find more information about this program you can call 855-317-4194, email, or visit

Can my purchase be made anywhere where P&G products are sold?

Please call 855-317-4194, email, or visit to find a participating retailer in this program, since not all retailers selling P&G products qualify for this promotion.

Is this program available overseas?

This promotion is available at participating retailers.

Is an email sign up option available so I can receive updates and notifications about P&G promotions?

No, there is no email notification available currently.

About Qualifying Purchases

What are the qualifying products for this campaign?

Align®, Always®, Aussie®, Bounce®, Bounty®, Camay®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Cheer®, Clearblue Easy®, Crest®, Dawn®, Dreft®, Era®, Febreze®, Fixodent®, Gain®, Gillette®, Gleem®, Glide®, Head & Shoulders®, Herbal Essences®, Ivory®, Joy®, Luvs®, Metamucil®, Mr. Clean®, Olay®, Old Spice®, Oral B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Pepto Bismol®, Prilosec OTC®, Puffs®, Safeguard®, Scope®, Secret®, Swiffer®, Tampax®, Tide®, Vidal Sassoon®.

Non-participating products include: Braun®, Clairol®, Cover Girl®, Downy® Unstopables by Febreze, Gain® Flings, Natural Instincts®, Nice & Easy®, Tide® Pods, Vicks®, SHAVE CARE CATEGORY.

Is sales tax included towards my qualifying purchase?

Sales tax is not included towards the qualifying purchase threshold.

Do I have to purchase multiple P&G products to qualify or does a purchase of one P&G product count as lonh4 as the purchase price matches the amount requested by the program?

As long as the price requirement is met in one transaction you may purchase one or multiple products.

Can my qualifying purchase be made over multiple shopping trips?

No. Qualifying purchases must be made in one transaction and indicated on one original cash register receipt.

Personal Information Questions

Do I have to give any personal information to redeem this offer? If so, what specific information is required?

We will need: Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code and Email Address.

Do I have to register in order to participate?

There is no registration required for participation.

Do I have to be a certain age to qualify for this promotion?

You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for this promotion.

Redemption Questions

What happens if I lose my original receipt? Can I use a copied receipt?

No copies or facsimiles will be accepted.

Where do I mail my qualifying receipt for this program?

Beauty of Teamwork, PO Box 49276 - Dept. P., Strongsville, OH 44149-0272

How can I redeem the offer?

You can mail in a mail-in-offer form from your local retailer.

How many times can I qualify for the offer?

Limit of one submission per household.

How are multiple submissions of the same receipt handled?

Multiple submissions of the same receipt will not be accepted. If multiple submissions of the same receipt are sent in for validation, you will receive a bounce back message indicating that the receipt is not valid and your receipt will not be validated.

How can I follow up to see if my request is in process or find out when I will get my gift with purchase?

To follow up on the status of your request, please call 855-317-4194 or visit

Photo Questions

Can multiple receipts be photographed for redemption at the same time?

No, qualifying purchases must be made in one transaction. Each photo can only contain one receipt.

What do I do if the program does not recognize my receipt, even if it has never been redeemed before?

If the receipt is not recognized by the system, the system will send you a message to mail in your proof of purchase, cash register receipt and mail in form to a physical address.

What part of the qualifying receipt should be photographed for redemption?

You will need to take a photo of your entire receipt. Here are some tips on taking a good picture: VERY IMPORTANT: Include the following in the picture of your receipt:

  • Retailer's Name/Logo
  • P&G products purchased and corresponding price for each (ensure total is greater than $25)
  • Date and Time
  • Total Amount purchased

Flatten the receipt and take a clear photo. Review the image quality before submitting. Please check that the image is clear. If receipt is too long please fold the receipt so that the P&G products are clearly visible, with the retailer's name/logo, P&G products purchased and corresponding price for each, date and time and total amount purchased. Alternatively use the video function to scan and submit a clip of the entire receipt.

Do I get one chance to try the validation?

You will be given two tries before you are locked out or are given a message stating that you must use the mail in offer form.

Will I be told why a picture failed?

You will be given a list of reasons on why your receipt may not have been able to be read through the digital receipt verification.

How will receipts be validated?

A system will capture and digitize your receipt to validate that you have purchased $25 or more of the promoted P&G products.

How long is the turn around to get the "success" or "failed" message?

Processing times vary and are dependent on mobile device connectivity, internet speeds and other factors. Typical processing times usually range from 7 - 10 minutes. There are instances when processing times will and can exceed 10 minutes.